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FAQ - Commercial Photography - John Ansell Photography

Frequently Asked Questions

Commercial Photography

Some of the questions we’ve been asked regarding our commercial and corporate photography services.

If you are interested in commercial photography there are many important factors involved in creating professional photographs. It doesn’t matter whether it is a large corporate project or a small business, the process is very similar.

Absolutely. We are happy to give you an estimate of travel costs before we start.

Whilst not compulsory a “Brief” is an outline of the photographic requirements of the job. A good brief will clearly state a description of the finished imagery being sought. Things that might be included are size and type of file, number of images ,orientation etc. This allows us to determine the creative, and production requirements, as well as give you an accurate quote.

Yes we can use our studio depending on the size of your project. For really larger jobs space may need to be hired.

We are often shooting on location. We have professional photographic lighting equipment which we bring to your location, and can set up an “on-site” studio or we can use the office environment as the backdrop. You can see examples on our Business Portrait and Headshot page.

Yes. Just let us know what sizes and numbers you need and our Professional Lab will print your images under our instructions.

We are not a graphic design firm but work closely with your designers or can recommend someone locally for you.

It will depend on the requirements of each individual job.

We offer commercial photography based on advanced techniques so you can get the best photographs, tailored to your needs and requirements. Most quotes are made up of a photography fee for either a full-day or half-day rate, plus a fee for the time spent on digital download, shot selection and post-production. Our minimum fee for a small commercial job up to 1 hour is $150. Other costs such as travel and studio hire are quoted based on the requirements of the job.

Again, it depends on the individual job. Most photos need processing whether it’s something as simple as cropping or resizing or skin retouching. Some images such as product shots may need more editing and retouching. 24-48 hours is a standard turnaround time on many commercial photography jobs but this can vary.